The 2017 DCFemTech Awards

The DCFemTech Awards recognize powerful women programmers, designers, and data scientists based in the Washington, DC region. Nominated by their community, these women are working in the trenches of tech to help their company or organization achieve success, sometimes entirely behind the scenes. Read the full media alert.


  • Pamela Assogba

    Vox Media

  • Aditi Chaudhry

    Capital One

  • Lisa Chung

    Motley Fool

  • Megan DeLaunay

    Capital One

  • Courtney Eimerman-Wallace

    Color of Change

  • Rakia Finley

    FIN Digital & Surge Assembly

  • Erica Geiser

    Social Tables

  • Betsy Haibel


  • Anita Hall

    The Washington Post

  • Lauren Jacobson

    General Assembly

  • Sana Javed

    National Journal

  • Veni Kunche

    US Geological Survey

  • Leigh Lawhon

    The Self-Taught Developer

  • Natassja Linzau

    National Academies of Science

  • Laura Lorenz

    Industry Dive

  • Emily McAfee


  • Katherine McClintic

    LivingSocial / Groupon

  • Tammy Perrin


  • Clare Politano

    Social Tables

  • Jennifer Safford McGerald

    AOL Inc.

  • Rachel Shorey

    The New York Times Interactive

  • Liz Theurer

    United Income

  • Kristian Tran

    Deloitte Digital

  • Pamela Vong

    InfernoRed Technology

  • Sabrina Williams

    US Digital Service


  • Ashleigh Axios


  • Liz Rose Chmela

    Made by We

  • Jessica D'Amico

    Just Jess & Peers Conference

  • Laura Ellena

    Ad Hoc

  • Ngan Hoang

    Vox Media

  • Audra Koklys Plummer

    Capital One

  • Amy Lee Walton


  • Catherine Madden

    Relay by Catherine Madden

  • Hareem Mannan

    Excella Consulting

  • Laura McGuigan

    Atypical Notion

  • Chloe Negron


  • Shelly Ni

    Nava PBC

  • Alisha Ramos

    Nava PBC

  • Alesha Randolph

    Vox Media

Data Scientists

  • Danielle Beaulieu

    Origent Data Sciences

  • Rebecca Bilbro

    Bytecubed/District Data Labs

  • Nicole Donnelly

    The Office of the Chief Technology Officer

  • Laura Drummer


  • Kate Rabinowitz


  • Jennifer Sleeman

    Deep Learning Analytics

  • Anna Thorson

    National Geographic Partners

  • Angela Wong

    The Washington Post

  • Elena Zheleva

    National Science Foundation


  • Amazon Web Services
  • Capital One
  • Justwork
  • Mapbox
  • Optoro
  • Osha Liang
  • The Washington Post
  • Wingate Hughes

Nomination Process

DCFemTech opened the call for nominations for 2017 DCFemTech Awards, which honor outstanding women programmers/engineers, designers and data scientists based in the DC region, on February 28th, 2017 and received over 393 submissions.

The awards were expanded to include a data scientist category for 2017 as a result of the overwhelming response in 2015 & 2016. Nominations were down selected by a committee made up of ten or more programmers, designers, data scientists and executives for each category.

This year’s recipients were chosen based on:

  • Impact on organization (helped company/non-profit grow & achieve goals)
  • Programmers - Complexity of issues addressed with code (building a webpage vs. a complex system)
  • Designers - Complexity of issues addressed with design (designing a platform that provides a great user experience vs. one page website)
  • Data Scientists - Complexity of issues addressed with code / algorithms / data interpretation (manipulating large or complex sets of data vs. a limited spreadsheet or project)
  • Impact on community (contributed to broader tech/women in tech community or open source contributions)

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