The 2018

Celebrating Power Women in

Code, Design & Data

Celebrating Power Women in Code, Design & Data

May 7th, 2018 | The Washington Post | 6PM - 8:30PM

The DCFemTech Awards recognize Power Women in Code, Design, and Data based in the Washington, DC region. Nominated by their community, these women are working in the trenches of tech to help their company or organization achieve success, sometimes entirely behind the scenes. Read the full media alert.

Congratulations to the 2018 DCFemTech Award Recipients!


  • Julie Bacon

    Web Developer, ISL

  • Clara Popescu Brooks

    Software Development Manager, FireEye, Inc.

  • Sunitha Burri

    Sr Software Dev Engineer, Oath

  • Melissa DePuydt

    Technical Architect, The Washington Post

  • Marissa Halpert

    Web Developer, ISL

  • Caitlin Henry

    Technical Lead, Aquicore

  • Tracy King

    Front End Engineer, Crowdskout

  • Amber Knutson

    Developer, The Motley Fool

  • Shorouk Mansour

    Sn.Software Engineer/Team Lead, nclud

  • Alexis Moody

    Full Stack Software Engineer, Contactually

  • Trish O'Connor

    Engineer, ISL

  • Catherine Ordun

    Senior Data Scientist, Booz Allen Hamilton

  • Ally Palanzi

    Software Engineer, Nava PBC

  • Taylor Poindexter

    Back End Engineer, Crowdskout

  • Anya Roltsch

    Backend Engineer, Tista

  • Jacque Schrag

    Developer, Center for Strategic and International Studies

  • Alison Spittel

    Lead Web Development Instructor, General Assembly

  • Dana Sulit

    UI Engineer, Mapbox

  • Jess Szmajda

    CTO, Optoro

  • Megan Tracy

    Software Engineer, Appian

  • Sharon Warner

    Software Engineer, Nava PBC

  • Valerie Woolard-Srinivasan

    Software Engineer, Panoply


  • Betsy Bland

    Sr. Director of Customer Experience, MicroStrategy

  • Raquel Breternitz

    Senior Designer, Pivotal Labs

  • Liz Calka

    Lead User Experience Designer, National Geographic

  • Olivia Cheng

    Designer, Nava PBC

  • Jen Doyle

    Interactive Designer, ISL

  • Kai Frazier

    Founder, Curated x Kai

  • Phim Her

    Marketing Solutions Manager, Washington Post

  • Dian Holton

    Deputy Art Director, AARP

  • Meghana Khandekar

    Designer, Nava PBC

  • Gina Kim

    UX Designer, US Digital Service

  • Katy Kinsey

    Senior UI/UX designer, Excella

  • Amanda Miklik

    Director of Design, United States Digital Service

  • Katharine Molloy

    Senior Graphic Designer, Vox Media

  • Emilia Regan

    Design Lead, Mariana Tek

  • Rica Rosario

    Senior UX Designer, Deloitte Digital

  • Emily Ryan

    UX Competency Lead and Senior Studio Lead, Deloitte Digital

  • Kim Stockley

    Senior Content + UX Strategist, ISL

  • Jen Strickland

    Senior UX Architect & Researcher, LookThink

  • Kacey Tovornik

    Product Manager, Venga


  • Aimee Barciauskas

    Data Engineer, Development Seed

  • Tara Brosnan

    National Data Director, Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee

  • Anna Cooper

    Director of Data and Information Systems, Communications Workers of America

  • Chantilly Jaggernauth

    Senior Data Analyst, Comcast and Founder & CEO, Millennials and Data

  • Julie Kanzler

    Program Manager, Data APIs and Systems, DC Office of the CTO

  • Sarah LaRocca

    Senior Data Scientist, The Messina Group

  • Brittany Mayes

    Associate News Apps Developer, National Public Radio

  • Priyanka Oberoi

    Data Scientist, Deep Learning Analytics

  • Kathy Qian

    Data Scientist & Innovation Policy Consultant, World Bank

  • Eva Reid

    Senior GIS Analyst, DC Government, Office of the Chief Technology Officer

  • Mandi Traud

    Founder and Consultant, Marvelous Modeling, LLC

  • Joy Whitt

    Economic Intelligence Analyst and Developer, Offices of the DMPED and the CTO

  • Judy Yang

    Economist, World Bank


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