Hack For Good

July 28 - 29, 2018 | Booz Allen Innovation Center | 9am

Hack for Good is a 2-day event bringing folks together to work on projects that support our community. Progress on projects will be presented in a science fair format at the conclusion of the event. This is a different kind of hackathon. No competition, no award money; just bringing people together to learn, make connections, and build something awesome!

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Below are the projects for the event. Please note, these could still change.

The first step of the organization will be the legal representation of clients in Civil Protection orders in Domestic Violence Court and/or Family Law Cases (such as custody/divorce/ child support) in Family Court. In order to do so we need an Open Case Management program to track clients, services, and possible conflicts. The Open Case Management Project (formerly known Pika) provides a free program but it needs to be set up by a coder.


Cartouche is a projected that is dedicated to providing a development environment for adding features and maintaining the main Open Street Map website.

Donors Choose Data Set

Description coming soon.

Demand For Progress

The Demand Progress team will build a user-friendly web based weekly agenda (calendar) for congressional hearings and markups. Users will be able to view the week with Monday at the top of the page, with items organized chronologically in a list, broken out by day of the week and hour. Each item will contain sufficient information about the proceeding, including who is holding it (committee and or subcommittee), the subject matter, a link to the committee website, the date and time, and where it can be watched online. With one click, users will be able to add these events to their own calendar, either singly or a set of items at a time. In addition, users will be able to visually identify changed calendar items updated in the last 24 hour. If time allows we will have a couple other stretch goals requested by our stakeholder including a tool for converting PDF’s of pre-introduction legislation to plain text and/or a tool for parsing organizational sign-on lists for letters of support.

Diaper Base

This application is an inventory management system that is built to address the needs of Diaper Banks as directly and explicitly as possible. Diaper Banks maintain inventory, receive donations and other means of intaking diapers (and related supplies), and issue Distributions to community partner organizations. Like any non-profit, they also need to perform reports on this data, and have day-to-day operational information they need as well. This application aims to serve all those needs, as well as facilitate, wherever possible the general operations of the Diaper Bank themselves (eg. through using barcode readers, scale weighing, inventory audits)

Web Monitoring

Description coming soon.

Huge thank you to our sponsors!

  • Amazon Web Services
  • Booz Allen
  • Deep Learning Analytics
  • Flatiron School